Translation, proofreading, editing and much more!


Linguistic accuracy, comprehensibility and clarity are important requirements for me.

I also guarantee that your text will be handled quickly, with no fuss, and that all deadlines will be adhered to.


Consistently accurate and reliable translations in German, English and French


Proofreading of all media, ensuring your text has the desired impact on its target audience


Adapting your marketing texts to your client’s linguistic and cultural background


Search engine optimised translation and localisation of websites and online shops

Subject Areas


Corporate Communication
Company profiles, press releases, websites, newsletters, staff and client magazines, presentations, training documents, convention materials

Creative translations (transcreation), advertising texts, ad campaigns, slogans, posters, brochures, flyers

Market Research
Questionnaires, market research reports, product tests, interview guides


Business reports, minutes, yearly accounts, balance sheets, profit/loss calculations, shareholder agreements, analyses and prognoses, tender documentation, public and private offers, bookkeeping, business correspondence, presentations, general texts

Human Resources
Application forms, vacancy posts, job descriptions, employment references, staff appraisal/assessment documents


Client Information
Websites, holiday catalogues, travel brochures, hotel information, tourist information, leisure opportunities, menus

Marketing Documents
Press releases, documentation, flyers and leaflets

For the Tourism Sector
Hospitality and catering, tourist offices, tour operators, airlines


Internet and E-Commerce
Websites, online shops, landing pages, blog entries, social media, newsletters

Desktop software, online apps, mobile apps, user interfaces

E-commerce, retail, IT, logistics, cosmetics, gastronomy, tourism

Proofreading and Editing Services


Proofreading involves working with spelling, punctuation and grammar, as well as hyphenation, syntax and morphology.

I will also check whether the person who has composed the piece has accidentally omitted part of the text or whether words have been incorrectly translated.

Every text should be proofread professionally before publication.


Editing includes all aspects of proofreading, yet I will also check your text’s style, comprehensibility and consistency.

Does the tone you’ve adopted match the text type? Are the contents consistently constructed?

Good editing includes all these elements – from the stylistic to the editorial.

Bilingual Proofreading/Editing

I will compare your translation into French with the foreign source text and check precisely whether any mistakes have made their way in to the finished product.

I will examine the translation thoroughly to ensure there are no errors, focussing on accuracy in terms of the content, clarity and the appropriate style.

Customised Services


I can adapt your text to the target reader’s cultural background and guarantee you much more success in foreign business markets.

Sometimes, “regular” translation doesn’t provide the right results when working with advertising media such as slogans, radio and television adverts, sales brochures, websites, newsletters, Google ad campaigns and apps. This kind of media needs to be adapted to your intended target audience’s cultural background so that the inherent message, the style and the emotions you wish to evoke are reflected correctly.


I can localise your websites, online shops, landing pages, blog entries, social media profiles/posts, newsletters, apps and user interfaces.

Localisation is much more than a “pure” translation. Localisation also involves taking the cultural, ethnic and linguistic nuances of the target country into account when translating the text. There are many terms that have a different meaning in different countries – even if people in these countries speak the same language. In order to conform to these linguistic subtleties, your texts aren’t just translated, they’re localised.

Text Creation

Whether it’s a product description, web content, an advertising text, a press release or general business correspondence, I will always find the right words for you. In doing so, I consider the text type, the target audience, where it will be published, the text’s aim, the contents, the stylistic requirements, your input and everything else that might be important for your message.

When putting together web content, I always work according to parameters suited to search engine optimisation (SEO).


You don’t have the time to read your documents in their entirety or you’re having trouble understanding content in a foreign language? No problem!

I would be delighted to prepare a structured summary of your text for you, giving you a quick and accurate overview of the contents. You and your requirements determine just how detailed the summary should be.

Your Project in 5 Steps

Step 1

You contact me using the contact form, by e-mail or on the telephone provide me with the initial details of your project. These are the source and target languages, the subject area, the scope of the text, the file format and the deadline.

Step 2

You send me the documents for translation, proofreading or editing, preferably by e-mail.
I then send you a non-binding quotation for the services you require.

Step 3

If the services I offer are acceptable to you and you accept my quotation, I begin work straight away and complete the job on or before the deadline we have set.

Step 4

I e-mail the translated, proofread or edited documents back to you and you confirm their receipt. I will always be available to answer your questions or to make adjustments/adaptations after the fact.

Step 5

I send you an invoice, which is to be settled within 14 days, and ask you to provide a short snippet of feedback on the quality of my work. I will only publish this with your permission.

This is how I work.

Recent Projects

Translation of internal and external communications for a postal group (35,000 words)

Transcreation of advertising material for a cosmetic company (1,400 words)

Translation of website content for an international hotel chain (4,500 words)

Localization of a landing page for a cloud services company (800 words)

DIN EN ISO 17100

I always work in compliance with DIN EN ISO 17100, the international standard for translation services.

This covers the following areas – professional experience and qualifications, quality and project management, translation memory systems and terminology databanks, data protection.

CAT Tools

XTM, Wordbee und Memsource


Would you like to know more?

Take a look at my FAQ page, which lists my clients’ most frequently asked questions, or contact me directly using the contact form.